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As a local home builder, Philip Houston has over thirty years of experience in building or remodeling homes of all sizes, from cottages to multi-structured estates. He has been fortunate to work with excellent architects, engineers, suppliers, sub-contractors,  landscapers, and skilled workers, and has established a working relationship that affords ease of contact and dependability. Philip has also been fortunate in growing his expertise of the most innovative products, technology, styles, and methods available on today's market, while understanding the value of the traditional integrity that underpins the past.

Philip, fastidious in attention to detail, is acutely aware of space and how it can be most efficiently and effectively used both inside and outside the structure. His philosophy is to make a new home contiguous and compatible with its setting, or, if remodeling, with the existing structure and in every instance, he strives to honor the vision of the customer.


Wallace Home

Cabin by pond
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